Competition Rules & Regulations for the Volkswagen Junior Masters Middle East 2016


Number of teams participating in each local qualifier tournaments: 8

Number of teams participating in Volkswagen  Junior Masters Middle East: 10

Format: 9-a-side (group stage followed by playoffs)

Pitch: 2 x 7-a-side sized pitches to be used for tournaments.


Competition management offices have been created, where Michel Koehler and his staff are responsible for the execution of the Volkswagen Junior Masters Middle East 2016. All necessary decisions will be taken at that office, under the exclusion of legal recourse.

2.Participation Entitlement

Entitlement to participate in the competition is restricted to under 13-year-old junior players who either reached the age of 12 in the calendar year 2015 or are younger (“Birth-Deadline” 1.1.2003 or younger). Participants must verify their date of birth and nationality by producing a passport or valid ID document, required during the mandatory online registration process. It is mandatory for all teams and players to be registered online in order to participate in the tournament. Assistance for online registration will be provide by contacting Adam Griffiths, Each player must provide passport ID copies prior to the tournament.

The competition is restricted to amateur players only, any players currently playing for an official national team are not eligible to participate. No player can be registered to more than one team.

This competition is for boys U13, as such for security reasons parents/legal guardians are required to complete the online registration of their child in order for them to participate. When the coach registers the team he will be provided with a unique ‘invitation link’ which will be sent to the parents/guardians of the children. Clicking this link will enable the parents/guardians to create a free online account and add their child to the team squad.

It is the responsibility of the coach to ensure that all players are registered to the team and that all relevant parent consent forms and documentation are obtained.

Applying for a Visa to travel to UAE requires at least 6 months validity period on your passport and visa, the finals will be on 18th/19th March 2016 so validity must be within these dates.

It is the responsibility of the coach to register his team and to ensure that all of his team players are eligible to play and fit the criteria for registration (amateur U13 boys).


A maximum squad of 14 outfield players and 2 Goalkeepers are eligible to compete (total 16 players), i.e. each match report sheet may contain the names of no more than 16 players per team. Teams will be placed in groups of 5 for the preliminary group stage. The team will consist of 9 players on the field during a game (1 goalkeeper and 8 outfield players) and a maximum of 7 substitutes.

Draw and Match Schedule
Teams shall be automatically placed into groups as randomly selected by the online scheduling system. The full schedule of matches will be available to coaches prior to the tournament event day.

Rules of Play, Duration of Matches
The FIFA rules recognized by the local Football Association together with the conditions of play as set out by local Football Association and its match rules will apply, with all local tournament amendments detailed below.

Match timings and format:

The matches held in the round robin group stage will comprise 2 x 10 minute halves, with a 2 minute halftime. Teams will play all other teams in their group once during the group stage.

The following playoff stage will comprise of 2 x 10 minute halves with a 2 minute half time break for each match. Teams will compete until all teams are placed from 1st place to 10th place.

All teams are guaranteed 4 group stage games and minimum 2 playoff games.

Pitch Size:

All matches will be carried out on a 7-a-side pitch. One 11 a-side pitch which is split in the middle to create 2 x 7 a-side pitches will be used.

Team Squads:

The team will consist of 9 players on the field during a game (1 goalkeeper and 8 outfield players) and a maximum of 7 substitutes.


The first half will begin with the team marked as the ‘home’ team taking a centre kick; the second half will begin with the other team taking the centre kick. Following a goal scored, the conceding team will restart the game by taking a centre kick.


Any number of player substitutions may be carried out during the course of a match, i.e. even one and the same player may be substituted and brought back onto the field any number of times. Player substitutions may only be carried out at the midfield line during a break in play and after informing the referee.

Group Stage:

The preliminary round of matches will be contested in groups of 4/5 teams playing a round robin format. The group winners and team placements will be determined by accumulated points. Points will be scored 3 for a win, 1 for a draw and zero for a loss. If teams have equal number of points, the following tie breaker rules will apply in this order:

Highest goal difference
Most number of goals scored
Head to head scores
Least number of goal’s conceded
Group Stage Tie Breaker:

Should this still not produce a result, the winner will be determined by a sudden death shoot-out with a different player until a winner is determined – the winner being the team which first produces one goal more than its rival after the same number of players have shot. All players in the squad will be eligible to take part in the penalty shoot-out. In the event of injury, the goalkeeper may be substituted but not reinstated during a penalty shoot-out.

Should the group table contain more than 2 teams with an equal number of points, the same tie breaker rules will apply as stated above. Should a direct comparison still not produce a result, the winner will be determined by penalty shoot-out, with each team participating in a shoot-out against each of the other teams. Each team will name 3 participants. After each of these 3 players has shot, points will be allocated in the way they are for matches, i.e. in the event of a draw, one point for each team, a winner receives 3 points and a loser none. Subsequent to the penalty shoot-out, each team’s points will be counted up and teams will be placed based on most points accumulated. Again, the ranking will be determined by points, then by goal difference and then by the number of goals scored. Should this still not produce a result, a direct head to head comparison will decide positions. If this also produces a draw, the penalty shoot-out will be continued with other players (one at a time) until a winner can be determined. Again, each of the teams will play against each of the other teams according to the system described above. All players in the squad will be eligible to take part in the penalty shoot-out. In the event of injury, the goalkeeper may be substituted but not reinstated during a penalty shoot-out.

Playoff Rounds:

Following on from the group stage, the playoffs will consist of 8/10 teams in a cross over play. Even teams finishing last in the group stage will still have the opportunity to win the overall tournament. During the playoff games, winners will advance down the winners bracket, whilst losing teams will advance down the losing brackets. All teams will play the same number of playoff game to determine positions 1st – 8th/10th.

For any matches (excluding the final round of playoffs) resulting in a draw, the winners will be determined by penalty shoot-out, with each team shall taking 3 penalties to determine the winner, if this does not produce a result it will continue in a sudden death penalty format until a winner is determined.

6.Team Attire and Equipment

Numbered team uniforms will be provided by the competition management and distributed to teams at each qualifier tournament. In the event that two teams should have the same/similar team attire, the first-named team of a match must use the bibs provided. It is mandatory for teams to wear the uniforms provided by Volkswagen.

Penalty Measures
Personal penalties will include warnings (= yellow card), and permanent sending-offs (= red card).

In the event of a permanent sending off (red card), the player will receive an automatic one match suspension. Competition management reserve the right to increase the duration of the ban should they deem it necessary.

If a team fails to turn up or forfeits the match, a score of 3-0 will automatically be recorded in favor of the attending team. If any non-registered or illegible players participate in any games an automatic result of 5-0 will recorded in favor of the opposition and a subsequently 3 points will be deducted from the offending team.

Withdrawal from Competition
Should a team withdraw from the competition during the group stage round, they will automatically be placed bottom of the group. Future fixtures will be scored as a forfeit and a 3-0 result will be recorded in favor of the opposition. Should a team withdraw from the playoff stage, the opposition team will record an automatic 3-0 win and progress to the next stage.

Protests and objections
The referee’s decision on all on-field matters is final and no discussions will be entered into either on or off the field with him about any decision.

Any appeal related to a match dispute must be discussed with competition management immediately after the match has taken place. The dispute will be reviewed by the competition management and an immediate decision will be made.

Teams must be ready to play at the exact given time of their fixture on the fixture sheet.

Team Coaches are responsible to make sure the participants have a basic understanding of the rules, which will be provided to all coaches.

Teams are responsible to arrange their own practice session and facilities.

Parents and coaches must ensure that under their responsibility the participant under their responsibility has the physical competence and fitness to play and they accept all risks resulting out of his participation.

Parents and coaches are responsible for their medical insurance to cover any / all medical support they may require while they participate in the tournament.

All dealers are responsible for onsite insurance.

It is the responsibility of the dealer to ensure the correct travel insurance policies are in place to cover all the participants of the winning teams that will travel to Dubai.

All players, participants and individual should have their own individual medical insurance and it is their responsibility to obtain this.

AVME will not be held responsible for any injury, damage or loss during outside of the venue in Dubai.

Travel, accommodation & visa’s
The Volkswagen dealer for each market is responsible for flight costs associated for their tournament team winners (16 players and 2 adults) to travel to Dubai to compete in the Junior Masters Middle East Finals. For example the winners and runners up from the Qatar qualification tournament will have their travel costs paid for by the Qatar Volkswagen dealership.

The Volkswagen dealer from each market is required to inform AVME within 48 hours of the tournament finish as to the flight details and rooming list for the hotels.

Accommodation for all teams (excluding the winners and runners up from Dubai and Abu Dhabi) will be arranged and covered by AVME for 1 night’s stay in Dubai and for transportation from: DXB Airport – Hotel/Venue – DXB Airport. Cost are inclusive of a buffet breakfast, lunches and dinner on the 6th March. Buses will be provided for teams travelling from Dubai and Abu Dhabi to the finals.

Visa costs for participants travelling to Dubai will be paid for by AVME. It will be the coaches responsibility to collect all relevant documentation required in order to facilitate obtaining visa’s for UAE travel. A list of required documents will be sent to the coach from AVME.

Team & Player Registration Deadline:
All teams and players must be fully registered online 7 days prior to the tournament date.

Each Individual (participants, parents, coaches, spectators e.g.) will remain fully liable in the event that he or she causes damage to the venue property or facilities during the final competition.

The organizers accept no liability or financial responsibilities for injuries or accidents sustained during the course of the tournament by any individual.

All personal property brought to the tournament is entirely responsibility of its owner. Organizers accept no liability or financial responsibilities for the loss or damage to property during the course of the tournament.

Individuals may be photographed, filmed and interviewed without prior consent during the tournament for TV/Radio/print or online publishing. Participants’ parents, coaches and schools grant to the organizers the worldwide right in perpetuity, without approval or compensation, to use the participants’ name, photographic or video image or likeness for the Organizers’ reasonable commercial purposes.

The organizers reserve the right to use any information which will include and be not limited to photos, school logo, film shots and scores pertaining to the participating team or any other individual, for marketing, commercial, public relations, including digital, and media purposes.

Important Notes:

The organizers reserve the right to change or modify the Rules and Regulations of the competition.

A player or team can be banned or disallowed from playing the tournament for discipline or violation of rules.

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